January 29, 2014

NFL by the Numbers: 2

Since this blog’s recent inception, I’ve received e-mails from readers (not a ton, but enough) inquiring if football has affected my life at all – or, more pointedly, how has it affected my life. The short answer is, yes it has, and the how is why I’ve started this new series, NFL by the Numbers. In this series, I’ll share NFL-related topics, including events Scott and I have attended, tailgating recipes, random NFL facts, and much more. (Please note that all posts in this series will be labeled NFL.) Each NFL by the Numbers post title will feature a number, which will be further explained in the post.

So for this inaugural NFL by the Numbers post I thought it would only be fitting to discuss something Super Bowl related. To many, it seems as if the Super Bowl is simply an excuse to watch football, indulge in libations, and see how many pounds of guacamole can be consumed in one sitting. And, if you think that, you are most definitely on the right track. But within the NFL community of both current and retired players, the Super Bowl actually brings with it a whole slew of events that most of the general public has no knowledge of. The NFL Players Association’s Smocksand Jocks Jazz Brunch is one of those events. The exhibit displays – and auctions – art work that has been created by both current and former professional football players, and the proceeds support the arts community in the city that is hosting the Super Bowl for that year.

Two is the number of paintings Scott created for the event back in 2006 when Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL. I wish I could show you Scott’s paintings – but I can’t because they were sold without us ever taking a photo of his work. (I know, I know; we should have taken photos, if only for the memories.) Here is Scott and I at the brunch, which is usually held on Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl, as well as a photo of the plaque his entries earned. (Don’t even ask me why I am wearing blush that is two-shades-too-light for me because I don’t know what possessed me to think that looked good.)

Anyhow, back to topic. This is a wonderful event, and Scott plans to participate in more Smocks and Jocks events in the future. Tickets are about $125 for the public and are 100% tax deductible, which is cool (just an FYI if the Super Bowl comes to a city near you). And the food is off the hook, by the way. Don’t – I repeat: Do NOT – buy a ticket to this event if you are counting calories.

In other football-related news, I’ve added more family photos to the About the Girl page. 

I’ll be back on Friday with yet another NFL-themed post, one that promises to be funnier and flirtier than this one. Thank you, as always, for reading.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Courtney! I thought Super Bowl was all about junk food, football, and half time show.

  2. Hi, Louida! Oh, I forgot to mention the half time show! You are definitely right. The trifecta is food, football, and the half time show; no doubt. Poor Bruno Mars. I feel like I'm liable to get frost bite just *thinking* about having to perform during those frigid conditions...)

  3. Hey, I like the blush! Have you ever been asked to do a reality show like football wives or anything?

  4. Oh, thanks, Susan. I'm telling you, the blush didn't look ashy in person! I swear. I think the powder didn't agree with the camera's flash...in regard to reality TV: No, I haven't been asked, and I don't think we ever will be asked. I'll be the first to admit that we'd be boring to watch. And if they did come calling, I'd say no. The funny thing is, I'm somewhat used to being in front of the camera, being a former TV reporter, and I've done TV commercials for years now -- I even shot a national 5-Hour Energy commercial a few weeks before I became pregnant with Scotty. You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLdBOTuX1GI
    But it's one thing to do commercials, and another to have cameras in your home and following you around. No, thanks. I'll pass.