January 22, 2014

TRENDING: Brown suede ankle boots

I love fashion as much as the next girl, but I wholeheartedly admit to not being one who follows a lot of trends.

I leave the house so infrequently these days that, by the time I do wear the item out, it would probably be passé.

But there is one look that I’ve been wanting – no, itching – to pounce on for some time now: the brown suede bootie.

I love this shoe when paired with a skinny jean and chunky sweater, pea coat, or long, casual top like the celebrities pictured above.

But don’t ask me where I’d wear these boots.

To run errands?

Yeah, right.

Not with the snowfall we’ve seen around here lately. If I wore these out for a nanosecond, I’d end up spending the rest of the day rubbing the boots down with vinegar to get rid of the salt lines.

I could wear them when Scott and I take the kids for Saturday morning breakfast at our neighborhood diner, right?

Yeah…but I probably won’t.

Would I wear them to take Scotty to playgroup?

When I take Kennedy to the pediatrician?

No…and no.

Impracticality be damned, I bought these anyway:
I love how the leather was intentionally darkened at the toe and heel to give the boots that worn-in look…but I have yet to wear them.

They’ve only seen the light of day when I try them on for brief periods while the kids nap; moments I steal when nobody is looking – when I disappear inside my closet to try on the slew of footwear that I vow to wear…one day.

Until then, I’ll consider wearing them as I make the rounds to empty all the trash cans on the eve of garbage collection day.

Never mind that I’ll also be wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a breast milk-stained nursing tank...

(Alexandra suede ankle boots by Escote; Urban Outfitters, $40)


  1. Those are super cute. I'm just now jumping on the ankle boot train, and I love it! I was a staunch riding boot fan, but I'm converting.

    1. Paige, you are my people. I love me a good riding boot. (Wait until you see my new rain/winter boots! Those things make my heart skip a beat; I can't wait to see what you think of them, but I digress...) This is my very first pair of ankle boots...and it's a commitment I don't know if I can make -- seriously, I'm going to need to keep a travel bottle of vinegar in the diaper bag. Aint't nobody got time for that! LOL

  2. Cute boots! Thanks for visiting SavingCentByCent.com. I'm your newest Facebook follower now, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Hi, Lisa! No problem! I've bookmarked your site and plan to visit regularly. I can always use more pointers for saving...unless I discover a way to grow and cultivate a money tree in our backyard...and that doesn't seem likely...Thank you for commenting. :-)

  3. These are some really cute boots! I'd wear them to work since that seems to be the only place I go these days besides my kids activities.

    1. Hi, Louida! Thanks for posting. Well, wearing them to work -- out in public, where people will actually see you in them -- sure beats wearing them in solitude to empty out trash cans. :-(

  4. I'm so glad you got these! Who cares if you don't have many opportunities to wear them out, shoot wear them to make scrambled eggs in the kitchen or even to brush your teeth. They are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, again, Dina! Amen. But, oh, please believe, I WILL wear this out. Someday. Somewhere...