August 29, 2014

CLOSETS I LOVE – Yolanda Foster

Here is Beverly Hills Real Housewife Yolanda Foster (right), and, I swear, if there is one woman whose closet I’d like to go shopping in, it’s hers. 

And this photo is a prime example of why: I like that she is simple and understated; I like the tan pea coat and matching booties; and I particularly like that she is wearing white jeans in cold weather, something that it wouldn’t occur to me to try.

This ensemble is just one of many, in my opinion, that Yolanda has gotten right. Here are a few more:
Casual chic at it's finest: I love simplicity of this ensemble...

Another hit and my book. Although, again, Yolanda's really not wearing anything spectacular: sneakers, yoga pants, a black puffer jacket, and sunglasses...

This is proof positive that laid back casual isn't the only style of dress Yolanda excels at. I love the upswept hair, the fit, cut, and hemline of the dress, and the nude sandals. She looks like a lady. Another reason this look, to me, is one to aspire to is because she eschews the need to bare too much flesh when at 50 (I think), she has the body to do it.

Bravo, Yolanda! (No pun intended.)

And when you're done with any of the pieces above, feel free to send them my way, m'kay?

About Closets I Love: I could spend hours (and have) on the Web searching for celebrity candid photos, which inspire me to create new looks from clothes I may already own. In this series The Look, I share some of my favorite celebrity photos.

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  1. Ooooo, Courtney, I love Yolanda style too! She always looks gorgeous! I have never seen her look bad and she is in phenomenal shape too!

    1. I know, Susie! That's just it. Some people we see regularly on tv -- including people's whose style we admire -- get it all wrong in the style department sometimes. And let me just say that it's all subjective. But my point is, we're all human, and a "fashion miss" is inevitable.

      But I have yet to see this woman even look remotely off. I love every single thing I've seen her in. So polished, and classy.

      And, yes, her figure is to die for!

      Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend, my friend. <3


  2. Yolanda sure does heave great style! Simple but yet chic! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

    1. Girl, I fantasize about going shopping in her closet. I don't think I'd be able to contain myself. Or the drool.

      Thank you, Louida, I hope you and your family do the same. :-)