January 22, 2015

Snow Day...NFL Play 60 Style

We live in Michigan.

And as you probably already know, it's damn cold here.

So cold, in fact, that a radio host on my favorite sports talk radio station recently described our current weather as "Colder than a well digger's backside."

Well, I don't know anything about a well digger's behind. 

But I can tell you with complete and utter certainty that a windchill of -30 will make anybody's backside balmy -- including mine and my kids'.

So after breakfast, we go straight to the playroom downstairs, which is where we put these items (pictured above) from NFL Play 60 to excellent use.

Play 60, which the NFL has dubbed movement for an active generation, aims to make the next generation of youth the most active and healthy. Launched in October 2007 to tackle childhood obesity, the youth health and fitness campaign focuses on increasing the wellness of young fans by encouraging them to be active for at least 60 minutes a day. In addition to national outreach and online programs, NFL Play 60 is implemented at the grassroots level through NFL's in-school, after-school and team-based programs. The NFL Play 60 initiative is supported by many NFL players and coaches year round and to date, the NFL has dedicated over $200 million to youth health and wellness through NFL Play 60. 

If you have children (and even if you don't) chances are, you've got a few of these items lying around your house. Our Fit Kit includes:

*Jump rope

*Water bottle

*Authentic NFL Football

*A beach towel

*Fleece scarf

*Canvas Tote bag

And I used 90% of these things to preoccupy my children indoors for an entire day.

Now, mind you, my kids are 3 and 1 years old, respectively, so I can virtually make up any game/activity, and they will think it's cool and follow suit. 

I know, I know. This will come to a screeching halt in the years to come.

But for now, I'm riding this until the wheels fall off.

So if your kids are a bit older, you may have to be a little more creative with regard to what you propose:

Football Bowling
As you might surmise, one thing we aren't lacking in this house, being an NFL family and all, is footballs. But Scotty was downright giddy when I handed him this Play 60 football and told him he could actually play with it, and here's why: In an effort to prevent him from throwing a football into one of our fireplaces -- or into his father's flat screen TV -- I may have told him once or twice that if I catch him throwing that sucker in our home again, so help me God, I'm throwing it over the cliff in our backyard. So here's what I proposed: A game of football bowling. Sound strange? Oh, what the heck, Scotty is three and has never been bowling. He doesn't know the difference. I pulled our Lions tumblers out of the cupboard and told him that the objective was to knock over the cups by rolling the football. He ate it up.  So this is the only way Scotty will be playing with this ball until the weather breaks and we can take it outside in the spring:

Hip-Hop Jump Rope
If your children are a bit older than mine, than they can probably jump rope. But not only can Scotty not jump rope, even if he could, Kennedy would walk right into it in mid swing. Not wise. So, I used the rope as part of my obstacle course design: First, I told them to crawl through the tunnel, hop into the bouncy house and jump up and down until I blew a party noise maker, then exit the house and hop along the jump rope path, climb up the slide, and then slide down. And guess what? They actually did it. But only once. I tried to photograph them in action, but their energy coupled with my less-than-stellar photography skills resulted in too-blurry photos:

And then Scotty took to dragging the jump rope through the playroom, with Kennedy marching behind him like the Pied Piper:

Scavenger Snack Hunt
This one still has me laughing. Scotty thinks grapes and apples are candy. I have taken it upon myself to keep this lie going until he enters college. I hid a few apples in select places throughout our home, gave Scotty the tote bag, and told him that whatever he finds, he can eat. His reply, "Cool!!"

Water for Kindle
Since the prospect of watching two back-to-back episodes of Team Umizoomi or The Backyardigans is more precious than gold, I gave Scotty the Play 60 water bottle 75% full of water and offered him the following proposition: If he finishes drinking the water by dinnertime, he can watch two back-to-back Nick Jr. episodes on his Kindle Fire. And you know what? He had that sucker finished by nap time. Boom!

So there you have it.

Come join us!

Grab your jump rope, a football, and a water bottle and get Play 60 fit!

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  1. I've heard of this program. Great way to get everyone active!

    1. Hi, Louida! And it really is. I'm so fortunate that the items they sent me were versatile and could be used in a multitude of ways...

      Thank you for commenting. I've really enjoyed your FB posts of late!


  2. Hehehe, hat's off to you for entertaining the kiddos! I like the bowling idea... I should incorporate that. I have the feeling it'd be really popular...

    1. Yeah, go ahead and try it. Or invent your own game. Be creative, that's what I say! (Which wouldn't be hard for you to do anyway. ;-)

      Besides, the younger they are, the more license we've got.

      Thank you for commenting.