January 28, 2015


The story of this dress (how I obtained it and where I wore it) took place over nine years ago, back when The Hubs and I were dating.

Yet it remains one of my favorite stories to relive...

Twelve is the amount in dollars I paid for the dress I am wearing in the photo above.

I bought it in a pinch from…wait for it…Value City department store.

At the party to which I wore this dress, some of the guests had breath mints in their pockets that were worth more than $12.

Some background: On the Friday night before the Super Bowl, Scott and I were set to attend the NFL Players Association's Super Bowl Party (more on that in a minute), and the shoes that I was planning to wear that evening were being delivered to my condo that morning.

So I take my lunch break at noon on the dot and drive home to collect the shoes off the porch. And when I get home, I can’t resist trying on the entire ensemble, which seemed like a pretty good idea.

Until my dress’s zipper became jammed and I had no one there to help me.

I ended up tugging so hard that I busted a hole in the back of the dress, and the language that spewed from my lips at that moment is not suitable to share on a family-friendly blog.

I needed to do something – and fast.

I had to be back in the office in 17 minutes, and the best mall was a good 20 minutes away – one way.

But Value City was around the block.

I LOVED this dress from the moment I laid eyes on it, and I found it on the junior’s clearance rack. 

Now, let me tell you more about this party.

I may be dating myself here, as it has been quite a while since The Hubs and I have been Up In Da Club.

But I do know a good party.

And the absolute best I have ever – EVER – attended was this one.

The NFL Players Party is a private, invitation-only affair for active and former NFL players, and it is, undeniably, the most exclusive party of Super Bowl weekend. Period.

This party is everything you’d think an NFL party would be. And then some:

Heated red carpet? Check.

The best booze? Check.

Celebrities? Check.

LL Cool J and Ciara performed and Kid Capri served as the main DJ.

Diddy walked right by as I made my way to the lady’s room.

Was I star-struck? Hell-to-the-yeah.

But in parties like this one, rule number one is to not get all camera happy because your cool card would be revoked immediately.

And the night was, in a word, amazing.

Until night’s end when couldn’t find our car…but not in the way you might think.

When everyone arrives in a black limo, it’s difficult to determine which one is yours.

I know, I know: NFL problems.

But the difference is that some players roll like that all the time, but our limo was rented.

Because former NFL players who remain members of the NFL Players Association automatically receive two free tickets (one for them; one for a guest) to this party for life, Scott and I plan to go to one of these again.


Just not while Thing One and Thing Two are still little.

This is yet another thing to add to our When the kids get older file...

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  1. Sounds like fun...and sometimes those last minute finds are the best ones. I know you were probably thinking I had everything all planned out then ended up with a $12 dress on!!! I have a file that I add things to for when the kids get older...but I have also realized life is short...so promise me this if you get the opportunity again and its sooner than you planned, you find you another cute dress and party for the both of us! LOL!!

    1. You're totally right, Carissa: Life IS short, my friend.

      Thank you for your kind words -- and for commenting.

      Kiss those cute kids for me...


    2. And, yes, I promise to party for the both of us...maybe I can even find a dress for less than $12! lol

  2. Yes! I have heard this party is quite fun. My father also an former NFL player and my motehr recently went to this Super Bowl Party when it was last in Tampa, 2009. They were out well past 3am! Now, mind you my father played back in the 80s. They frequent many NFL Retired Players Assoc events all the time!

    And cute dress!

    * It was actually my mother that told me about your blog! I am married to a college basketball coach and chronicle our life on my blog - Brains, Beauty & Basketball!

    Michelyn Kemp

    1. Hi, Michelyn! First, please extend a sincere thank you to your mom for referring my blog; I greatly appreciate it. And thank you for your kind words about my dress!

      Yes, NFL Retired Players Assoc events are the best, and I've blogged about others we've attended...

      Thank you for commenting, and I LOVE your name. :-)


  3. Wow, you scored big with that dress and you looked great in it! Have a great weekend Courtney!

    1. Thank you, Louida! Yes, this find will go down in history as one of my faves...especially for the price, which can't be beat!

      Have a great weekend...and Happy Super Bowl!


  4. Oh I would have been in tears..... Calling in and freaking out. You handled it with grace, and look at you and the million dollar dress, and he had a tie to MATCH!!!!! That is So Romantic!!!! Just looking stunning!!!!

    1. Ray! I am so sorry for my late reply! I somehow missed your comment and am just now seeing this....

      Girl, you don't even want to know what spewed out of my mouth when that zipper stuck...

      And thank heavens Scott kept a cache of neck ties in my closet -- and lo and behold he had a green one in there. (We had originally planned to wear silver and black, which would have been grand, but, oh well, it wasn't meant to me....

      Thank you for commenting.


  5. That dress is cute and for only $12 you got a steal. We also call our kids Thing 1 and Thing 2...lol.

    1. Thank you, so much, Sonya! Yeah, I pretty much still thank my lucky stars that that dress was there when I needed it most...

      How are you? Thank you so much for the visit!