March 29, 2015

Courtney Conover's WHAT I SPENT: $123.33

Ooops, I did it again.

I blinked and blew over one hundred bucks on nothing.

I shouldn't say that because the vast majority of what I bought was totally necessary.

Here's how I spent $123.33 in one day...

1. KROGER: $22.47
A few months ago, I went back to my roots: I became a vegetarian again. Correction: I shouldn't say that a no-meat lifestyle has always been a part of my roots because I was raised in the Midwest on meat and potatoes. But I became a vegetarian in 2005, ceased when I became pregnant with my son four years ago because I realized I preferred eating meat while I was pregnant and/or nursing. And since I had two back-to-back pregnancies and nursed each child for 17 months, well...let's just say that I'm done being a milk maid and have thus gone green again. And as you can see via the pic below, it ain't cheap. During a recent trip to the grocery store, I bought the following items: unsalted peanuts, roasted almonds, Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon raisin bread, hummus, and two containers of baby spring mix (mixed greens for my smoothies and salads):

Despite this store's name, it is a virtual treasure trove containing much, much more. And one of my favorite reasons to pop into Burlington is to peruse their snack selection (believe it or not). They have a ton of health-conscious treats that our family loves -- including goodies from a company called YumEarth, which makes organic all-natural candies. But this time, I didn't stop in to buy for us: I thought it would be cool to buy a few bags of YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans for the young kids who are living in a nearby homeless shelter: 
One bag of these jelly beans contains 10 snack packs, and since they only had five bags in stock, I bought them all. One of these bags usually retails at $7.99, but Burlington sells them for only $3.99, so I spent $19.95. (Please note that the bag I gave to the shelter also contained the receipt, and I gave it away before I thought to take a photo; so I had to use a file photo of the product.) And then, while waiting in line at Burlington, I looked down and saw the most perfect black blazer -- in my size -- that someone had decided not to buy: 
That had to be a sign...right? So I bought that, too ($26.49). This blazer is perfect with jeans, tee, and canvas sneakers on those chilly spring days when I do the preschool run:

3. WALGREENS: $16.43
So later that afternoon, I enter Kennedy's room after her nap, and she pops up in her crib like a Jack-in-the-box...and promptly pukes. E-VER-Y-WHERE. I flip on the light, run to her...and then she pukes again. This time all over me. I summon Scott to her room, and he takes her to the kitchen where he tries to get some saltine crackers into her, and I run to Walgreens because, of course, we are out of fast forward fifteen minutes later, and I'm flying through the store, trying to think of what else I need because going to a store without kids is, like, a rarity, so I'm going Think, Courtney, think! What else do you need to buy!! I remember Kennedy needs more training toothpaste, so I get some. And I need chewing gum. (We are also out of AAA batteries and Cheerios, but, of course, I only remember that as soon as I pull the car into the garage.): 

4. POLO.COM: $37.99
My husband is currently experiencing what many of us would call a God-send --
Most of his clothes are too big for him:
If you follow this blog on Facebook, then you've probably noticed that Scott has dropped some serious LBs over the past several months due to his diet and exercise regimen. And since many of his polo shirts now look like tents on him, his Father's Day gift (or, at least partly, anyway) was a no-brainer. I buy the vast majority of our clothes online after I've put the kids to bed for the night, so I bought this classic-fit mesh polo by Ralph Lauren for $37.99 ($29.99 + shipping). And it was on sale! It usually retails for $59.50. After it arrives, I'll have Scott try it on, and if it fits okay, I'll snap up more in different colors:

And that's my latest "shopping spree."

For now, anyway.

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  1. Bravo mate. I am way impressed that cloths are in this list. As for the puking that sucks. I could never get my kids to drink the Peds stuff.. Thank goodness both have only ever puked once.


    1. Let me tell you, I can HUNT for some bargain clothes. I never pay full price for my clothes. E-VUH.

      Now, my handbags? That's a different story, but I digress.

      And about the Pedialyte: My kids hate it too. But now they make the powdered kind -- it comes in a skinny platic tube -- which dissolves in bottled water! It tastes just like juice!

      Problem solved.

      Enjoy your day, and thank you for commenting!