March 08, 2015

Courtney Conover's WHAT I SPENT: $50

One of my favorite ways to unwind has always been to kick back with a glass of wine and a new issue of New York magazine, which I've subscribed to for years. 

In my bachelorette days, I used to do this on the patio of my condo at two 'o clock in the afternoon on a Saturday.

Now, I do this at 9 p.m. on a weekday in my mommy cave.

Because, you know, kids. 

Anyway, New York magazine used to run this feature called Economy of One, which detailed how the magazine thought a particular celebrity or socialite would spend a set amount of cash...and then, at the end of the piece, said person would reveal how they actually spent the money.

So, in this new series, I'm sharing what I've spent with you.

Here's how I spent $50 in cash one morning after I dropped my son off at preschool:

1. A BIG LOTS RUN: $12.30
If left to my own devices, I could very well drain every one of The Hubs' and my bank accounts in Big Lots. Big Lots is my Target. So this was the first place I stopped after dropping off The Boy because I needed a second one of these thing-a-ma-jiggies -- you know, those plastic sheets you put your dirty shoes on ($10.60), I forget what they are called:

I also bought a pack of Dora the Explorer fruit snacks, also known as bribery for my son ($1.70). At the grocery store we shop at, these suckers cost twice as much:

I usually stop and get coffee before I drop my son off, but today, I did it afterward so that I could savor it during my third stop. I swear, I am so lucky to live close to this particular Tim Hortons because the crew here absolutely rocks. They are fast, and most importantly, courteous -- but not in an annoying I'm-only-being-nice-to-you-because-my-manager-is-watching-me kind of way.

In an effort to "keep it 100%" I must make the following confession: The last time I had a professional pedicure...well, lets just say it's been too long. So as I got my hooves buffed and polished with my favorite toe color, My Boyfriend Scales The Walls by Opi ($28), I sipped my coffee and read a book. Okay, I'm lying about the book. I stayed on Facebook the entire time. (Hanging my head in shame.):

And because I was rocking a look not unlike Sasquatch that day, my esthetician Julie, who is, simply, awesome, waxed my eyebrows ($8). (Sidebar: For years, I had my eyebrows threaded -- an Indian technique of hair removal in which facial and body hair is removed with a string. But Julie is closer to my home and works wonders with wax, so I've made the switch.) Now, mind you, if my brows still look a bit sparse, it's because I still hadn't filled them in with gel yet. But, trust, even without being filled in, they are a thousand times better than they were pre-waxing:

So there you have it. 

That's how I blew fifty bucks.

All before lunchtime.

I'll be back soon with another receipt rundown.

Thank you very much for reading. Now, c'mon and join me on Facebook. :-)


  1. Big lots has such good deals sometimes! I am terribly in need of a wax and a pedicure myself! Time to start watching for coupons!

    1. Hey, there, Echo!

      Totally off topic, but I've never told you this, and I think about it every single time I see your name in print: I LOVE your name.

      Okay. Back to the topic at hand: First, yes, schedule the pedi ASAP because you deserve it. And, secondly, I have such a love/hate relationship with Big Lots. Love the stuff...hate that I have absolutely no self control inside those walls...

      Have a great day.


  2. I'm in need of a pedicure myself. Big Lots has some great deals, I need to start shopping there more often.

    1. Hi, Louida! You can sure say that again about Big Lots. You know how TJ Maxx's slogan is "It's never the same place twice"? That should really be Big Lots. I cannot tell you all of the fabulous deals I've scored...including $5 sheep-lined Crocs for Kennedy.

      Oh, how I love that place. Sigh.

      Thank you so very much for stopping by. :-)


  3. You did great, I would have never been able to spend less than $50 at Big Lots as evidenced by my recent YouTube Haul video.

    1. Oh, don't I know it! The only thing that saved me that day was my pedi appointment, ha! Sad, but totally, unequivocally true.

      Thanks so much for commenting, Antionette!