March 01, 2015


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love me a good bargain. 

And of all the fabulous things I have scored on the cheap, there are three that still send shivers down my spine. 

Here are their stories in a three-part series. Now for my second pick:

Authentic Hermès Vintage Silk Twill Scarf
What it retails for: $330
What I paid: $3.75

First, some background on my approach to fashion:

I'll spend A LOT of money on a good handbag, yet I'll buy virtually everything else at thrift stores.

Especially jeans, sweaters, and scarves.

I've encountered a lot of bargains in my day, but this one tops them all...

My immediate thought upon finding this scarf was that my eyes were playing tricks on me. 

And my second thought was this: Somebody, somewhere, will need to drown their sorrows in a stiff gin and tonic when she discovers that this scarf is the one that got away. 

My discovery had to have been a mistake…right? 

How else does a three-hundred-dollar scarf end up at a Value World Thrift Store, hanging next to worn and faded bandannas? 

This had to have been priced wrong. 

This had to have been a mistake.

Except that it wasn’t. 

I’m telling you, I literally held my breath when I approached the cashier with this scarf in hand, and when he rang it up, I paid for that sucker so fast, I would have made your head spin. 

I then got the hell out of dodge like I stole something.

Because, in essence, I felt like I had.

P.S.: An Hermes representative has since confirmed this scarf to indeed be The Real McCoy.

Oh, and one more thing -- in case you live in my neck of the woods and are wondering where I found this gem: It was at the Value World thrift store on Central City Parkway behind Westland Mall.

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  1. I definitely need to shop with you, although I am a self proclaimed thriftinista, I haven't found anything this great in a long time.

    1. Oh, Antionette! I STILL can't believe my great fortune. In fact, NOTHING I have scored while thrifting since even holds a candle to this...

      Thank you so very much for stopping by; I LOVE hearing from you! xo