March 22, 2015


It is 7:20 a.m.

I've just taken a shower, and now I'm brushing my teeth and contemplating whether I should throw my flannel pajamas back on or get dressed in Regular Clothes -- i.e., decent clothes that are worthy of being seen in public in.

I've got less than forty minutes to get my three-year-old son up, dressed, and fed before we get out the door to preschool, and I'm thinking that I would be far comfortable doing all of the above in baggy cotton PJs as opposed to, you know, Regular Clothes.

But we all know that, when we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off, forty minutes really feels more like ten.

So by the time I change into my PJs, it'll literally be time to change out of them.

But I am seriously tempted because I. Hate. Regular. Clothes.


They're uncomfortable.


I don't like them.

Even ones that are considered comfortable really aren't.

Look at it this way: Which would you prefer to wear when squatting down to dress your child -- a "comfortable" pair of jeans...or yoga pants?


Yoga pants win Every. Single. Time.

And the irony is that, as a stay-at-home-mom and one who writes from home, my closet is chock-full of casual Regular Clothes.

Ask any parent who runs into me at preschool drop-off, and they will tell you that I am always wearing the same get-up: a worn-in cashmere sweater, a pair of distressed Gap jeans, Bogs boots covered in road salt, an ankle-length Land's End parka, also covered in road salt, and a Detroit Lions baseball cap.

And guess what?

As soon as I return home, I'm changing back into my flannel PJs with a quickness.

I know you've got to be with me.

I'm betting most of us feel this way, regardless of gender or the profession we work in.

Look, the men's Snuggie was invented for a reason.

Black yoga pants have become the unofficial uniform of SAHMs everywhere.

I've worked in television news. You've heard of television anchors wearing bunny slippers under the news desk as they read the news to their unsuspecting audience at home? 

It's not a fallacy.  It happens. 

And how do you explain the multiple sightings of folks wearing their smiley face fleece pajama pants while perusing the aisles of Walmart?

I have been known to wear my PJs while running through the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru:
(Sue me. It was the weekend of their Croissant Donut debut.)

But I don't wear pajamas in public.

No, I'm the one at Walmart wearing itchy jeans. Ha!

I'm not throwing shade here. 

Really, I'm not judging. 

But, seriously, all this is to say that Anti-Regular Clothes Syndrome is real.

How does it affect you?

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  1. In a weird reversal here, I find jeans preferable (in general) than yoga pants for everyday wear. I don't have skin-hugging yoga pants, though - so jeans just hold up better to the wear and tear and stretching of my normal activities? I also just feel crabby if I'm not "dressed," so a shower and clothes are on my must-dos in the morning, otherwise mama's a grumpy gus all day!

    I've always just felt self-conscious about skin tight leggings though... if I was more confident about it, you bet I'd be in leggings more often!

    Also, this is where I hang my head in shame that a legislator in MY state tried to ban leggings and speedos. Ugh!

    1. First, please allow me to state for the record that I never like to meld politics with blogging, but I simply could not resist when I heard about the yoga pants legislation. But, oh, how I couldn't resist this time! lol

      Oh, Dakota! No need to hang your head in shame. Your state IS indeed brings a lot of good things to the table. EVERY state has some legislation that someone would be less than fond about...

      That said, you do not suffer from Ant-Regular Clothes Syndrome, so consider yourself lucky. ;-)

      Thanks for commenting.


    2. I am so rushing today. Just returned from taking K to the pedi for her well visit. Please allow me to clean up my God-awful grammar...

      I meant: "Your state DOES bring a lot of good things to the table."

      Shaking my head. I need a nap.

  2. I agree that yoga pants are WAY more comfy than jeans, but.....the problem I SEE with the popularity of the yoga pants is that some butts should NOT be in them - or at the least, wear a top that covers things up!! :)

    1. OMG, Auntie. I totally feel you.

      I ultimately feel that a woman's "bits" should be covered, regardless of her size.

      Whether you're fit or pleasingly plump, it is not cool to be showing your behind.

      That said, I think a thin person is no more entitled to wear tight pants than a bigger person. Do you see where I'm coming from? It's a matter of taste.

      Let's just all keep it classy, not showing all the @ssy. lol

      I LOVE when you comment! Thank you!

      (And you looked gorgeous in your recent vacay pics!)


  3. How nice of you not to judge because I sure give Walmart pj wearers the side eye. RIght at this moment and reading your post I am like why do I still have on this underwire bra at 8:08 pm. That's not like me. I have those Aah and Genie bras which are useless under real clothes but in the house I have to wear something because it's uncomfortable not to, So yes my go to is what I call soft clothes and a pajama bra aka yoga pants, doo rag, big tshirt and Aah bra. Stopping by from Ray's blog. Nice to read you!

    1. Hi, Kenya! Nice to meet you as well. And welcome!!! Any friend of Ray's is a friend of mine. I actually first began reading your blog by way of another mutual "bloggy" friend we share, Kristi of Finding Ninee, despite the fact that time often prohibits me from commenting.

      Okay. Now, back to business: I LOVE Genie bras and wear them All. The. Time. I ceased nursing our second child in January, and my top shelf has shrank considerably, so I've found that (sadly) the bra is sufficient under my real clothes. (Yes, that's how small I am up there. Sigh.)

      Your comment had me rolling! We are of the same ilk.

      I like you.

      Thank you for not only stopping by, but commenting as well.


  4. If I could spend all day in my pajamas, I would. Sometimes I do... Shhhh :)

    1. Hi, there! You won't receive any judgment from me! Heck, on the days I don't have to do the preschool run, I'm right there with you!

      Thanks for commenting. And welcome!


  5. Hi Courtney - So I just started back to yoga two weeks ago after a 10 year hiatus. OMG... yoga pants actually work for yoga class. WHODATHUNK!?!?! Hugs, Holly

    1. I know, right? Who woulda thunk it, huh?



      That's the first step, Holly. Watch it: The next thing you know, you'll be dividing your yoga pants: (i.e. these are for grocery runs, these are for sleeping, these are for yoga, etc.)

      Ha, ha, thank you you for sharing, Holly!

      And welcome back to the mat!


  6. Ok, so as I have said I got told off for wearing PJ's for a quick in and out... Not appropriate attire :( No idea as to whether she was joking. My got to when I don't want to dress up are skinny jeans, a cami and a boyfriend cardigan with a soft scarf... With either riding boots or ballet flats.... I live and die in this outfit, I have many colors. As summer rolls around I put on the capris, or the Bermuda shorts and the camp and a light wrap cardigan.... I love Boho Chic... Kinda that Northern California Hippie look. I so fit in there :)

    An how that is how I roll, oh then there are the days like today, where I got dressed for the barn and then came home and put the clean PJ's back on because I am sick!!!! :(


    1. First, your "uniform" sounds awesome!!! It encompasses everything that is stylish and chic! Love, love, LOVE...

      And, second, I sure wish the staff at your daughter's school had bigger fish to fry that day (and, truthfully, I'm sure they did) than to bust your balls over some flannel PJs. Sigh.

      I hope you're enjoying your weekend!