September 28, 2015


Our daughter Kennedy turned two a few days ago, and I decided against penning one of those sappy nostalgic posts, much like the one I wrote for Scotty.

Because, well, don't we do everything differently when it comes to our second kid?

And I'm going to be brutally honest here.

I nearly panicked when I found out Kennedy was a girl. 

Yeah, I'm a woman, so it's not like the female gender is uncharted territory for me, but I was never exactly the "girliest" girl.

I'm still not.

I clean up alright when I have an event to attend with The Hubs, but my usual uniform consists of a pair of Lululemons and a cut up off-the-shoulder sweatshirt.

So the expectation of raising a Pink Glitter Princess scared the bejesus out of me.

And after two years of parenting a girl, what have I learned?

That I'm not so much scared as I am a big, fat, walking contradiction.

Because nearly everything I said I wouldn't do...I've done:

"Ugh. Pink. Why does everyone expect me to buy pink for this child? Is there some kind of pink quota I'm not privy to? It's like nobody will be happy until her room -- and her ensembles -- resemble a bottle of Pepto. Well, I'm not giving in. I ain't buying any pink."

"Well, I bought her those shoes, but I'll be damned if I'm caving in again!"

"You know I love sports -- I've run competitively since middle school. And how I feel about the game of football goes without saying. But, riddle me this: Why do they make baby cheerleading uniforms? I mean, they're BABIES. They can't walk or yell chants, let alone do a toe touch. 
Talk about a useless piece of cloth."

Oh, that Lion's one? That doesn't count."

"And speaking of football, I bet she won't even care to watch with me. It'll probably be just me and Scotty, while Kennedy plays with a My Little Pony dollhouse or something off in the distance..." 
(And, yes, that's a Lion's Honolulu blue tutu on top of her leg warmers. Swoon.)

"I can barely get Scotty and me out of the house on time. How in the hell am I going to manage when I have another head of hair to do???" 

Well, you manage. You just do:

Back when I was pregnant with Kennedy: "I just hope they don't fight all the time, that they at least show some signs of love and affection toward each other...but they probably won't until they're 30. I just hope I'm still around to see it."

Meanwhile, every single day on the playground:

Back when I first learned I was pregnant with Kennedy: "My heart was just so full with love during my first go-round with Scotty. Is it even possible for me to love another child as much? I mean, is my heart capable of that much love? Mothers of more than one child tell me yes. 
But is it true? Is it??"

YES. Yes, it is.

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(The girls are still wearing the ones my squad wore back in the 90s.)
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  1. So beautiful! Happy Birthday Kennedy!

    1. Hi, Lou! Many, MANY thanks for not only swinging by for a visit, but for also taking a moment to comment. I hope you and your girls have an awesome week ahead... :-)