October 05, 2015


Blogging is a funny thing.

Writers spill their heart, soul – and their entire life, really – onto a blank canvas in their own little corner of the internet, and, subsequently, people read, follow along, and become invested in the stories and happenings of the blogger.

Readers feel as if they actually know the blogger – even if they’ve never met – and, in fact, true friendships are made and entire communities are built…all behind the screens of tablets, PCs, and cell phones.

And that inherent connection is taken to a whole different level when the readers are bloggers themselves. We come to know each other’s families, interests, and even pet peeves.

That’s precisely what happened with Holly Bertone and me.

Over a year ago, I crossed paths with Holly – a blogger who lives in Virginia – on a blog networking site, which led me to her blog, and I was immediately drawn in by Holly’s content and colorful photos.

But one photo in particular revealed Holly’s character in a way that few others could: It depicted Holly, eyes closed and smiling, being kissed by her husband on her closely shaved head:
Holly, who is a step-mom, author, and avid DIYer, is also a breast cancer survivor.

Her lifestyle blog, The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide, offers a unique blend of posts on tablescapes, recipes, and more, and also candidly details her efforts to beat a devastating disease.

So when Holly inquired if Scott and I would like to collaborate with her on a breast cancer awareness public service announcement (PSA), we answered with a resounding yes.

Scott then called up the Detroit Lions (whom he played for from 1991-1996) and asked if they’d be willing to provide two NFL footballs for a PSA photo, which they did immediately, and then I interviewed Holly for a blog post (which you can read here) that she and I would cross-promote on each other’s blogs – in addition to the PSA photo – for the entire month of October.

Here’s the finished product:
I know, I know: Everything is awash with pink this time of year, and there’s seemingly no shortage of messages championing this cause.

In the NFL alone, players don pink mouth guards, towels, socks, and cleats all month long.  And field turf and game balls are adorned with pink ribbons.

And rightfully so.

Awareness still needs to be raised.

Because women like Holly  – wives, mothers, daughters, and friends – who put on a brave face while enduring the unthinkable deserve to be acknowledged and honored.

Because they truly are warriors.

Because, all too often, we – their supporters – draw our strength from them.

And if a humorous PSA prompts even one woman to get a mammogram, or another person to do something to support the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer, that’s fantastic.

So, yeah. Let us all continue to paint everything pink.

Blogs, footballs, and everything in between.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing Holly's story! My grandmother was a survivor and so is my mother. I feel like everyone knows someone affected by breast cancer but we still have to educate women about preventative measures. Early detection is key! Save the tatas!

    1. Thanks SO VERY MUCH, for not only taking a moment to comment, but to also share a bit about yourself. Again, thank you. And, yes, this disease affects all of us in some way...

      And, yes, #SaveTheTatas!!!!


  2. Hi Courtney - Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears that your family has helped to put the message out there in such a sweet way. And then I see Scott's silly grin with those footballs and it makes me smile. Many thanks to you and your family. Blessings to all of you! Hugs, Holly

    1. You are most welcome, Holly. Really, you are. CONTINUED blessings to you and your family, and I wish you nothing short of a lifetime full of health and happiness. <3