November 02, 2015

CURRENTLY: September 2015

It occurred to me recently that -- as personal as this blog is -- much of my life hasn't been shared here because while I post new content every week, I post on social media nearly every day.

And although ho-hum happenings like preschool drop-off -- or not-so-ho-hum occurrences like run-ins with celebrities don't always elicit a blog post, I still don't want you -- the reader -- to miss a thing.

So I present to you a new feature entitled Currently that I'll publish here monthly. The series will include a round-up of images that I've posted to social media within the last month and will keep you in the loop of what we've been up to.

The brilliant, the boring, and everything in between.

Here's what our September 2015 looked like... 

My man's got moves! Thank you, Henry Ford Health System for capturing this pic of The Hubs groovin' down the Soul Train line at a recent Henry Ford centennial celebration. FUN!!

Came home to my alma mater to get my stretch on. -- at Yoga in Michigan Stadium. 
(Now where's Coach Harbaugh? lol) And my shirt says Go Blue in Hebrew, by the way. 

"First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything." Next week this baby boy turns four. heart emoti

Yesterday was Scotty's birthday, and this is his favorite gift. If you're a child of the 70s or 80s, then you know this is a Fisher-Price Children's Hospital, which was only produced from 1976-1978. I knew this would be perfect for him because he loves ambulances, paramedics, etc. So, for months I scoured estate sales EVERYWHERE to find one in pristine condition because nothing like this toy is made anymore. Just another reason why old-school toys still rock. wink emoticon 

Scotty and me leaving our first mommy-son casting for a holiday print ad for Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats. We didn't get it, but I thank our agent for getting us in the door! Next stop: Preschool drop-off. smile emoticon

This morning's breakfast dessert -- Is there even such a thing? -- because we eat, breathe, and live Detroit Lionswink emoticon

The Hubs and me cheering on our boys in Honolulu blue at HAVEN's annual Tackling Domestic & Sexual Violence Tailgate Party at the Birmingham Country Club. GO LIONS!! 

Kennedy (in her pink football hat!) when she was just 17 hours old. If she had waited a mere three days, she would have been born on her father's birthday. But, no, she was raring to go from day one. Our little peanut turns two today! 

About last night...
                                  #MommyDaddyNightOut #NFL #GridironGreatsDinner#DetroitLions

This is how we roll. wink emoticon

And in other news, it's this guy's birthday today. heart emoticon
                       #ProudWifey #Love #ThatFace #Gameday #Intensity#NFL #DetroitLions #Roar

We've been waiting all day for a Sunday night.
                                 #NFL #LionsVsBroncos #FordField#SundayNightFootball #NBC

Legendary Lions running back Lem Barney just paid a visit to our suite!! (Yeah, I'm fanning out.) Always a pleasure to be in his company. How do you spell class? L-E M. 

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