November 29, 2015


I'm no fool.

I know good and well that if you had the choice to eat the bowl of Mother Nature-made goodness above, or a plate of peppermint fudge -- or your favorite Christmas cookies, I'm fairly certain I know the one you would pick.

And, hell, I'm not judging.

You'd have to pry the latter from my cold, dead hands.

I mean, we've gotta live and get some enjoyment out of life...right?

The problem, though, comes when we know we shouldn't be inhaling that second plate of fudge.

When we feel as though we can't help ourself.

When we feel like ish -- fraught with guilt -- the moment we look at the empty plate.

Now that's what we all want to avoid.

Go ahead: Eat the damn cookies, try that homemade Chex mix your friend just made, and, for goodness sake, Eat. The. Pie.

But exercise some modicum of control when you can during those times when you're not entertaining.

Here's what you do: Make your snack both sweet and satisfying.

Throw some fresh fruit in a bowl (red and green grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are my faves) and toss in some chopped nuts of your choice -- in the photo above are walnuts and raw almonds.

Another one of my favorite combos that I make as part of my breakfast -- or as a snack by itself -- is chopped banana and sea salted-cashews. (YUM!)

You can get creative and mix whatever you wish!

The point here is that the sweetness of the fruit (either fresh or dried) will satisfy your sweet tooth, while the nuts will fill you up.

Sure, there is sugar in the fruit and fat in the nuts -- but it's the natural, good kind.

And, depending on the fruit (berries) you choose, you'll also benefit from a ton of antioxidants, and the nuts provide an excellent source of protein, particularly if you are a vegan or vegetarian, like I am.

I swear, this hearty fruit/nut combo is my go-to snack with a glass of wine in the evening after I've put the kids to bed.

And the best part?

Because we tend to stock our fridges (and cupboards) with more options during this time of year, chances are good that you'll already have some nuts and fruit on hand.

(Last night, when I ran out of berries, I dipped into the kids' stash of Cuties tangerines and ate a few with the raw walnuts I bought for our Christmas cookies.)

Really, folks, consider this combo this holiday season...and all year long.

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  1. Fruit and nuts and/or seeds is always a great snack option. I like eating bananas with Tahini. I don't tolerate nuts well anymore. So I'll eat pumpkin seeds or Tahini with my fruit.

    1. Hi, Sonya! Yes! Seeds are a superb addition to this mix! (I went on a sea salt-roasted pumpkin seeds for a while! lol) Virtually any plant-based protein and fruit can be mixed together. Isn't Mother Nature smart? All we have to do is eat up! Happy Holidays, and thank you for commenting!