January 03, 2016


Like 21 questions, but with just the answers instead...

1. Shrimp cocktail has been my favorite food since the age of seven:

2. I use ghee as a facial moisturizer, and I take krill oil every single day.

3. I don't have any tattoos. 

4. I am deathly afraid of mice and frogs.

5. Yet frog is my favorite yoga pose:

6. I think long gray hair is gorgeous:

7. No lie, the first text message I ever received was from my husband back in 2004 -- we had been dating for about a month. I forget what it said.

8. My reply to him was the first text I had ever sent. I forget what that one said also.

9. Few things elicit such pride as hearing The Victors, my alma mater's (the University of Michigan) fight song. 

10. I've never driven my husband's truck because I'm too afraid.

11. I prefer my wine with a few splashes of club soda.

12. I first ate French fries with a side of mayonnaise while in Paris on Spring break during my senior year in high school. And I've eaten my fries that way ever since:

13. As a former professional broadcaster, I don't have a fear of public speaking. But I wholeheartedly understand why people do.

14. I envision my golden years with few possessions, living a block away from the ocean, and teaching yoga on the beach, like I'm doing in the photo below (Hollywood Beach, Florida; 2010):

15. My first pets were two goldfish -- a white one named Vanilla, and an orange one named Marmalade.

16. I don't like chocolate cake -- or whipped icing -- but I'll tolerate both if the alternative means not having any cake at all.

17. New Jersey is home to the best pizza I have ever tasted:

18. I sometimes sleep in the maternity tank tops I wore while pregnant with our son. He's four now.

19. I started trimming my own hair after viewing a tutorial on YouTube, and I haven't looked back:

20. I carry a tip calculator in my wallet because I suck at doing math in my head.

21. I count my blessings Every. Single. Day.

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    1. Hey, Cuz,

      Thanks so much! I hope you're having a superb Monday! I'm off to teach a yoga class now...