March 18, 2017


I know, I know.

It's been a whopping 10 months since I've posted to this blog.

As the old cliche goes, I haven't been inspired to write anything. (Blah, blah, blah.)

That's why I find it particularly ironic that the following post is really about nothing.

Yet it has to do with everything.

I'll explain.

As I sit here enjoying my orange peel black tea on this still, snowy Saturday morning, I am once again reminded of how reliably unpredictable Michigan weather can be--just a few days shy of spring, no less--because it was only about a week ago that I dusted off one of those portable blue nylon lawn chairs and watched Scotty and Kennedy play at opposite ends of the driveway. 

During times like those, it's not at all unusual for me to mindlessly--almost robotically--bow my head and begin scrolling through my Instagram feed until my eyes glaze over from the endless stream of perfectly airbrushed candid shots and silly boomerang loops.

But, that day, I ignored my cell phone, kept my head up, and chose to look around instead.

Somehow, some way, my mind flashed back to ten years ago, when my life was totally different than what it is today. Back when I was a thirty-year-old newlywed who worked 10-hour days at City Hall. Back when it was just The Hubs and me. Back when our home was, in many regards, quiet and empty. Back when our spare bedrooms served as an office and a yoga den, before they had been converted to a nursery and the center of a toddler's universe.

There was a time when I would have spent a stolen moment like this on the deck in the back yard, sipping moscato and flipping through Vogue

Yet, here I am now in the driveway watching my kids play, and my chair's cup holder is harboring an array of bubble wands instead of bubbly.

Because, priorities.

Priorities that are also blessings.

Around the New Year, I came across a meme online that has--quite literally--stuck with me everyday since:

Take note of your surroundings because one year from now, something will be different.

The words hit me like a ton of bricks.

At first, the message possessed an ominous quality (Is someone close to me going to die? What bad fate will fall upon myself, a loved one, or a friend that will forever change our lives as we know it?).

But I've since come to view this meme as a precursor of the changes to come--in a good way.

Perhaps it's the fact that I was in a good mood at the time because the kids were playing fabulously and were not at each other's throats. Or perhaps it's the fact that in two weeks I'm going to turn 40 and I'm damn grateful for everything life has put me through thus far.

But the fact remains: It takes the same amount of time and the same amount of energy to focus on the positive instead of the bad.

Meaning, different can also be another way of describing something that's fantastically, magically, irresistibly awesome.

Let's all focus on expecting that instead.


  1. Hey! glad to see your back. I wondered where you had gone. Love the hair style. I understand totally what you mean about that meme. I think the message is awesome. Great share hope to chat again soon xo :)

    1. Hi, Mari! Oh, you know, LIFE, lol! I look back, and it's amazing just how much blogging I was able to get done while my kids napped! They don't nap anymore; they've grown up in that regard. :-( And you would think that now that S is in Kindergarten full time, and K goes to preschool that I would once again have more time. But...nope. I've got a new yoga teaching job that consumes a lot of time, etc. Anyhoo, thanks for visiting and for leaving such a nice comment. You always bring the good energy. <3 Hugs to you.

  2. So happy to see you back. Changes indeed. I'm there with you as I look toward 41 in a couple of months.

    1. Hi, Heather!! Thanks you SO much for your comment. How are you? And woot-woot to being in the 40 Club!! I'm so looking forward to it. I have always been open and honest about divulging my age, and I have no plans to stop now! :-) After all, I do not want the alternative to getting a year older. ;-) It is SOOOOO nice to hear from you. Hugs to you on this Sunday. xo