May 07, 2017 review & coupon code

Confession: I am pretty close to being blind.

And while I don't know how close I am to being legally blind, I can tell you this for certain: If I were behind the wheel without my corrective lenses, I am liable to mistake Niagara Falls as a tiny puddle--or my husband as Danny DeVito.

I'm not trying to be funny here: I NEED prescription lenses or contacts in order to see clearly.

If I venture beyond home turf, I wear my contact lenses 99.9% of the time.

But as soon as I return home, I pop those suckers out so fast, it would make your head spin. And then I slide on my eyeglasses

So I was pretty psyched when it appeared that The Eyeglasses Gods had decided to smile upon me in the form of an email from They told me to pick out a pair of frames and they'd send them to me -- with prescription lenses -- and they'd sweeten the deal even more by providing the readers of this blog with a discount code for 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with FREE lenses. 

This was a darn good deal, and seeing as though I was in dire need of a new pair of eyeglasses myself, I was like Heck, yeah! Let's do this.

Having partnered with this company before, I know what is all about, and if you haven't visited their site which arguably possesses the best selection of stylish and affordable eyeglasses online, then it's time you check them out. Oh, and their prescription sunglasses are awesome!

And the best part? provides lightening fast shipping, so my new glasses were on my doorstep about a week after ordering them. They were well-packed and arrived with a clear hard case and microfiber lens cloth:

The frames above are the same ones I'm wearing in the top photo; they're the Kalamazoo style in black. It's a style I keep coming back to again and again. What can I say? I like a strong, sturdy frame.

But make no mistake, whatever frame style tickles your fancy, has got it.

And here's how you can find a pair of your own: Simply visit, select the eyeglasses or sunglasses frames of your choosing, have your eyeglass prescription handy because you'll need to enter it when ordering, and, finally, enter the following special coupon code to receive 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded)*:


That's it!

Now, go on: Change the way you look at things by visiting!

*Shipping rates are as follows:
Cost of standard shipping when order amount is less than $49:      $4.95
Cost of standard shipping when order amount exceeds $49:           Free
Cost of expedited shipping when order amount is less than $49:    $14.95
Cost of expedited shipping when order amount exceeds $49:         $10
Cost of expedited shipping for orders that exceed $99:                   Free


  1. I am not blind but I can't read without my prescriptions. I just got my new pair of eyes and are loving them. Those are cute and fit your face perfectly!

    1. Hi, Antionette! Thanks for much for your kind compliment! Don't you just love getting new glasses? Even though I pretty much only wear mine around the house, new specs do put a pep in my step; lol