June 11, 2017


Go outside.

Play outside, walk outside, exercise outside, relax outside, eat outside, and most importantly, breathe in the outdoors; do as much as you can in the sun or under shade.

Go barefoot.

Feel the earth against the soles of your feet. Get your feet dirty as often as possible. (It's nothing a good shower can't fix.)

Lay down on the grass and look up. Take a moment to really observe the sky above--the passing clouds, the birds flying by, the trail of vapors from an airplane. 

Do we ever really notice these things? Probably not often enough.

Study trees. 

Watch them move in the breeze. Go ahead and wrap your arms around one while you're at it.

I'm serious!

Humans and wildlife could never survive without the benefits we receive from trees and other plant life: Trees facilitate the production of breathable air, after all. 

The least we can do is show our appreciation with a hug.

Use your sense of smell.

All the barbecue, the elusive whiffs of bug spray, the fragrance of flowers, the traces of freshly cut grass, evening rain, and everything in between.

Buy something from the ice cream truck--and if it doesn't offer anything you like, buy something for a child.

Take a moment to sit on your front porch (or nearby curb) after the sun has gone down.

Just be there and take it all in with an open heart.

And then count your blessings that you're able to do all of the above.

But, wait, there's more.

Do copious amounts of the following:



Sing. And loudly. Especially with the windows down in the car.


Do all of this without thinking about it; it will come naturally if you let it.

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