Thursday, July 25, 2019's Summer 2019 Collection

Believe me when I confess that wearing your heart on your necklace is much prettier--and much more fun!--than wearing it on your sleeve.

When oNecklace.coman international jewelry manufacturer, that deals exclusively with customized name necklaces, asked whether I'd collaborate with them to showcase their summer 2019 collection, my answer was a resounding yes!

The company launched in 2012 and his since been featured in British Vogue, CBS's The Talk, and the ABC Family drama Pretty Little Liars. The selection this company offers is seemingly limitless and each amazing piece can be customized by YOU. And, best of all? It's affordable.  

This sterling silver piece I'm wearing is engraved with my and Scott's wedding anniversary--07/07/2007-- in Roman numerals. (You can find it here.) Here's a closer look:

But I think my all-time fave piece is their Tree of Life pendant (below):

This pendant (also made of sterling silver) features the names of those nearest and dearest to my heart: my husband, Scott, our son, Scotty, and our daughter, Kennedy:

This company is the real deal:

  • Free shipping.
  • They offer an impressive array of metals, including sterling silver, rose gold, 14 karat gold, white gold, and more (depending on the piece).
  • Their price points are affordable!
  • Because each and every item is customized, you will never find another that matches yours, making your selection truly unique. I mean, you even choose the clasp on your necklace as well as your necklace's length!
  • You can shop by category, such as metal, style, recipient, etc., which makes choosing the exact piece you want super easy.
  • And did I mention the free shipping?
But don't just read my words here. Peep my video below:

Disclaimer: Both customized pieces featured in this video were given to me for the purpose of being reviewed.

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