Courtney Conover is a Michigan-based writer. Her articles and profile essays have appeared in the Ann Arbor Observer, Metro Parent, Woman’s Life Magazine, and The Artisan’s Well.

Courtney has always had an affinity for the written word. Although she knew she would someday become a writer, she didn’t start out as one. Courtney was a television reporter and producer for WLTX News 19 in Columbia, South Carolina; she traveled the nation as an auto show product specialist and narrator for Honda and Jaguar; and she was appointed deputy mayor of Westland, Michigan, a post she held for nearly three years before resigning to pursue writing full-time.

Courtney is an avid dog lover and her essay about her childhood dog is featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog. She completed her first novel in spring of 2009 and is actively seeking literary representation.

A woman who unabashedly bleeds maize and blue, Courtney graduated with honors from the University of Michigan. She is a devotee of yoga and Pilates and her likes include, but are not limited to, reading good chick-lit, watching cheesy reality television of the Bravo TV variety, and spending time with family. Courtney is married to Scott Conover, a former NFL offensive lineman-turned professional chef. They make their home in suburban Detroit.