Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Has the quest to care for your natural hair left you feeling lost at sea like Wilson, the volleyball friend of Tom Hank’s character in the movie Cast Away?

You’re not alone. 

I know the feeling, too.

And I'm quite candid about it in my new book, MOMMIE STRAIGHTEST.

The title of the book was inspired in part by the iconic 1981 film Mommie Dearest, which you may recall chronicles the callous, controlling ways of Hollywood actress Joan Crawford. 

She hated wire hangers.

I, on the other hand, hated my curls.

And, frankly, I was kind of a b!tch about it.

To be clear, I find nothing wrong with straight hair. I still love straight hair. It’s beautiful.

But it’s not cool when the pursuit of it impacts your quality of life—and not for the better.

After spending the majority of my 39 years trying desperately to make my curly hair something it wasn’t, my unsuccessful quest ended rather unexpectedly when on my daughter’s second birthday I realized I was setting her up to go down the same treacherous path of hating–and subsequently abusing–her own hair.

So I did two things: I immediately stopped straightening my hair and embarked on a journey to love my natural curls. And then I documented everything that happened in hopes of sparing others at least some of the frustration I have painfully endured throughout the years.

I divulge everything–including the number one thing I've learned since wearing my hair in its natural state (hint: no one prepared me for it), the things and products I absolutely cannot live without, and I also share my and my daughter’s complete hair care regimens.

I went from this:

To this:

To, finally, this:

Regardless of your ethnicity, this book is for you.

If you have straight hair or curly hair, this book is for you.

And if you have ever wanted desperately to change something about yourself that makes you unique, then this book is for you.

Click HERE to discover how this Mommie Straightest 
embraced her inner (and outer) Curly Girl!

Mommie Straightest Contents
A note of gratitude from the author
Chapter 1: In the beginning
Chapter 2: I like relaxers but I cannot lye
Chapter 3: When you sauté your hair in olive oil
Chapter 4: The return of the creamy crack
Chapter 5: She’s come undone . . . again
Chapter 6: Them’s the breaks
Chapter 7: Dominicans do it better
Chapter 8: Sweat, Savasana, and sorrow
Chapter 9: “Hello, Lover! I’ve missed you.”
Chapter 10: If at first you don’t succeed . . .
Chapter 11: Like mother, like daughter
Chapter 12: Smell the burn
Chapter 13: The day that changed everything
Chapter 14: WTF happened to my curls?!?
Chapter 15: Looking for a black cat in the dark
Chapter 16: Getting to the root of the problem
Chapter 17: When the angels smiled and the cherubs laughed
Chapter 18: My go-to products and my complete regimen
Chapter 19: Baby love: Kennedy’s complete regimen
Chapter 20: Silicones are evilPineapples are everything, and other myths
Chapter 21: I can’t live without you 
Chapter 22: Honorable mentions
Chapter 23: My life in (more) hair pics
Chapter 24: What I know for sure

A University of Michigan graduate and former television reporter, Conover is a writer, certified yoga instructor, and self-professed lover of curls who is always on the quest to find another Holy Grail product for her wash and go's. Conover is married to former NFL offensive lineman Scott Conover and they are the proud parents of a son, Scotty, Jr., and a daughter, Kennedy. They reside in Metro Detroit. Visit her on Facebook and on Instagram.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Re: My Absence

The photo above epitomizes my expression when I realized that the nasty stench in the bathroom was actually my hair burning.

Come to find out, I had been doing it wrong all these years.

This epiphany is the reason for my absence.

Fast forward to today:

So where have I been?

No, I haven't jumped off the cliff in our backyard, or run off to join an ashram in India to deepen my yoga practice.

To the contrary, I've been..."expecting."

No, not a baby.

But I am currently in the midst of a journey that is equally joyous, exhausting, and, in some ways, terrifying.

I wrote a book.

Please bear with me.

It won't be long now.

I promise, this WILL be worth the wait.

#DrumrollPlease #TheCurlsAreComing #TeamNatural

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