December 13, 2017

YOGA PLAY -- Episode 2

We're snowed in, school's out, and we've got energy to burn.

It's the perfect time for a little yoga flow with my mini me.

Never tried yoga before?

Don't fret.

Just breathe and move with us during this quick segment!
In this episode, our yoga sequence highlights the following postures:
Mountain Pose Upward Salute Side bend with arms extended (left side) Side bend with arms extended (right side) Forward Fold (with feet hip's distance apart) Flamingo Pose (balance on left leg) Flamingo Pose (balance on right leg) Row the Boat (seated wide-legged forward fold) Easy Pose (cross-legged seat) Namaste Mini Dance Party :-)

If you don't see the video below to view, please click here:

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