February 24, 2018

YOGA PLAY -- Episode 3

What we have here is 15 raw, uninterrupted minutes of free flow (read: I made up the sequence as I went along). I'm stiff as all get out in the a.m., so I move nice and slow, do what feels good, and hold each posture for a minimum of 5 complete breaths. (One inhale + one exhale = One complete breath.)

Highlights of this video include a photobomb by The Hubs when he nabbed a bottle of alkaline water from the cooler.πŸ‘‹πŸ˜‚ 

Also, it's a damn good thing I didn't lose my balance in headstand because my stick of sandalwood incense was, like, *super* close to my feet. Whew.

Ps. That's organic cinnamon moringa tea I'm sipping at the very end.🌿✌πŸ˜‹ 

Songs (In the order in which they appear):
“Friends” by Francis and the Lights
“Sunset Lover” (Remix) by Petit Biscuit
“Morning” by Francis and the Lights
“Echo in the Woods” by GiolΓ¬
“Long Ambients” by Moby

If you are not able to view/click on the video box below, please click here.

1 comment:

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