February 03, 2022

AFFIRMATION: February 2022

I am strong.

The mind is powerful.

So very powerful.

As the saying goes: Whether you think you can--or you think you can't...you're right.

And that is why the thoughts we allow to ruminate and take root in our mind are so very important.

But here's the most critical part: Thoughts can become habitual--whether we're conscious of it or not. This means that our own thoughts have the potential to set us up for failure without us even realizing this is happening.

One of the best explanations of this theory I've read comes from one of my favorite books, Acts of Faith, by New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant:

"When we pass a garden and see everything in full bloom, we don't always think about the seeds that were planted long before we got there. We simply enjoy the beauty of the harvest. Our minds work the very same way. It is the law of expression that says we must ultimately express in form those thoughts, emotions, and impulses we store in the subconscious mind. That part of us does not think. It does not reason, balance, judge, or react. It is the fertile ground that accepts any and everything we plant. Good or evil, constructive or destructive, our lives will bear the fruit of the seeds we plant in our minds."

So what to do?

Think. Positive. Thoughts.

Make the choice to speak kindly to yourself.

Even if you don't believe it. Remember: your subconscious mind is going to eat up whatever you feed it.

It may feel strange at first. That's to be expected, particularly if you've been doing the opposite.

But change starts here.

Keep at it.

Think or say to yourself this month's affirmation when you find yourself going about the day: When you brush your teeth in the morning; while you're in the midst of your daily commute; before you go to bed at night:

I am strong.

Because you are.

Even if you don't believe it...yet.


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