September 17, 2017

My Nighttime Curly Hair Routine

Never, ever underestimate just how immensely valuable a couple swaths of smooth fabric can be to those of us with curly hair.

I'm here to report to all of you that if I had to choose between, say, food, water, and the two essential pieces of my nighttime curly hair routine, well...let's just say I may voluntarily starve.

So my message to you is this:

If you're not getting as many days in between your wash and go as you'd like...

If your curls are just so-so when you wake up in the morning, and you're convinced they could look better...

Or if you're just fresh out of options regarding what to do with your curls while you're sleeping at night...


p.s. While I did mention in the video that I purchased my and my daughter's satin pillowcases from Dollar Tree, I neglected to include that I bought my dreadlock cap from my local beauty supply store for less than five bucks.

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