January 21, 2022

Juicing: How I started

It was a slow, gradual procession which began about 12 years ago.

When I'd stop by my local health food store (Zerbo's on Plymouth Road in Livonia), I would occasionally buy a cold-pressed green juice from the juice bar all the way in the back. 

It was an indulgent splurge that I justified by the fact that it was really, really healthy.

I mean, these 12 oz. juices were about seven bucks a pop--and I had often downed mine by the time I reached my car in the parking lot.

But, whatever. 

I mean, we're talking about raw fruit and vegetables, here.

It was worth it...right?

Fast-forward five or so years, and I wanted more...for less. 

Meaning, I wanted to drink green juice more frequently, but driving 10 miles to spend $7 several times a week wasn't happening, so I started buying the 46 oz. bottles of Suja's Mighty Dozen from Sam's Club, or, if I was lucky, my local Kroger.

That huge bottle was less than ten bucks and would last me more than a week.

But about a year or so later, I grew restless.

I, again, wanted more.

That sentiment, coupled with the arrival of the pandemic, made me realize that there was only one thing left to do:

Start making my own cold-pressed green juice.

It was Scott who first made this realization, actually. He bought me a juicer--this one by Aicok (pictured above)--for my birthday back in 2020. He also bought me a case of these nice glass bottles to store my juices in. 

But it ended up being too much.

The juicer began collecting dust on the counter; the glass bottles remained in the box in the cupboard, unopened.

I was intimidated by assembling this sucker, so I just kept on buying the Suja juice. For months.


I started keeping up with one NYC recipe developer on Instagram. She would make green juice every single day and rave about it on her stories. She was so gung-ho, that even when she traveled  back and forth to Greece, she would pack the freakin' juicer.

That's commitment.

I watched her do this for months.

And that was the kick in the pants I needed.

I'm not kidding: The very next day, I went to Kroger, bought some collard greens, cilantro, ginger, and cucumber to start, and pulled up a tutorial on YouTube on how to assemble my juicer.

Indignation bubbled up from within.

F*ck this, I said to myself. I'm not going to be afraid of putting together a damn appliance. That's crazy!

And so I dove in, bit the bullet, made the juice, and haven't looked back.

Now, I'm the one contemplating whether I should pack my juicer when we start traveling again.


Juicing is one of the best things I've ever started doing for my health. I've noticed improvements in the quality of my skin and a significant reduction in my sugar cravings.

How can you be sure juicing is to credit for this? one might ask.

Well, it's the only significant--and consistent--change I've made since seeing these results.

Imagine if someone is sleep-deprived, cranky, stiff, and unenthusiastic, and then they start sleeping 9 hours a night and those ailments cease to exist. And then you say to that person, Well, are you sure it's the sleep that's making you feel better!?!

It's like that.

But, still, I must profess that I'm no doctor (I don't even play one on t.v.) so I'm in no position to say that green juice will cure everything that's unsatisfactory with you and your life.

Full disclosure: I'm just a middle-aged mom looking for good health.

And if you, like me, are interested in boosting your vitamin intake (including antioxidants and polyphenols), enhancing your immunity, and increasing your energy levels, then...what do you have to lose?

Stay tuned for all my green juice recipes--the combinations are literally endless. And refreshingly tasty, if you ask me.

I'll also give you ideas on what to do with all the leftover veggie pulp.

Cheers to better health!

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